Larry Jordan

Everyone is related, and everything is connected.

Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan was raised in a conservative, Christian household. His spiritual journey changed his politics and his religion, even his personality. Today, he is a follower of Jesus with a Zen practice.

Larry spent 25 years in investment banking, assisting companies, governments, and non-profit agencies in issuing over $10 billion of municipal bonds for capital projects and cash flow needs, including airports, colleges, hospitals, power plants, sports facilities, and toll bridges.

In 2011, realizing that his karma bank was overdrawn, Larry left his big job and sold his beautiful house to spend his life in service. Over the next ten years, he spent one year taking care of his grandson, one month teaching school in Africa, and several weeks as a camp counselor for children with serious illnesses and injuries. Also, he drove hundreds of veterans to the Veterans Administration clinic, participated in the annual homeless count for several years, prepared over 1,000 income tax returns for low-income families, and volunteered for the American Red Cross.

Over the last 20 years, Larry traveled around the world, read over 1,000 books about spirituality, and had some powerful experiences in several spiritual traditions, including baking in a sweat lodge, chanting to Shiva, meditating in a zendo, and whirling with the dervishes.

Larry and his wife, Jill, have two grown children and three young grandsons. They live in Arlington, Texas and Crestone, Colorado, where Larry wrote this book, and they spend their time meditating, playing with their grandchildren, traveling, and volunteering.