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Everyone is related, and everything is connected.


Aug 06, 2022 by Larry Jordan, in The Way

I just completed a 44,000-word manuscript called "The Way: Meaningful Spirituality for a Modern World." I have not published or self-published it yet. I'm hoping to find a publisher. If I can’t find a publisher, I'll self-publish it, so it probably won't be available until 2024. 

I'm putting together a blog, an email list, and a website. Also, I'm arranging author talks, and I'm testing the book in book groups, where it works really well.

In the last 20 years, I read over 1,000 books, and I had some interesting experiences in various traditions -- baking in a sweat lodge, chanting to Shiva, meditating in a zendo, and whirling with the dervishes. Now, I’m a follower of Jesus with a Zen practice.

There are a few autobiographical chapters that trace my path from single-minded investment banker to open-hearted and open-minded spiritual seeker. The book changed my politics, my spirituality, and my personality, for the better.

The book is  more reporting than memoir, and it deconstructs Christian orthodoxy and reconstructs a modern spirituality, based on the Eastern religions, the mystics, and the scientists, who agree that everyone is related, and everything is connected.

Readers say that the deconstruction is not angry or judgmental and that the reconstruction is not preachy or speculative. (None of that is easy to do.) Some say that the book is "Christian, but not too Christian" or "Zen, but not too Zen."

The publishing business is mercenary, maybe more mercenary than the investment banking business, so I'm becoming a shameless self-promoter.

There are a few small things that you can do to help me along the way:

1) Continue to visit my website at  where the blog is regularly updated.
2) Follow me on Facebook at  and like and share my posts. 
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4) Keep me in mind for author talks at bookstores and libraries and progressive churches.
5) Forward this email to five or ten friends who might be interested in this stuff.

P.S. Lots of people are interested in this stuff, including religious people and "spiritual, but not religious people," as well as agnostics, atheists, and humanists.

The Way is a great selection for a book club, and I'm working on a study guide. If you want to 
discuss the book with a book club, then we can meet in person, if possible, or we can meet on Zoom.

I really appreciate your interest. Wish me luck!!