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My Daughter Wrote Me a Poem

Jul 21, 2022 by Larry Jordan, in Volunteering

Our daughter, Lauren, is well known for her thoughtful “care packages,”  which she regularly sends to family and friends. Her packages are so personalized that if her husband, Bear, cannot guess the recipient by examining the contents, then she starts all over again.

I was the lucky recipient of a package this week, which included several items, including a personalized do-rag.  She also sent the following poem for me: 

“Hello, my name is Larry and I’m 53 years young.
I may have rid my life of work, but my song has not been sung.

Don’t let the label fool you, I’m no typical retiree
I wear a do-rag on my head and Nikes on my feet.

I got rid of all my useless stuff, and even sold my lair –
Making cuts on everything, except of course, my hair.

My neighbors may be old and gray, their bones about to break,
But me?  I run ten miles a day and battle scary snakes

OK, I admit, talk radio is preset in my car,
But never fear!  “Hello It’s Me” is never very far.

I may not have insurance, but that won’t slow me down.
I still hike the foreign cliffs and drive Vets all over town.

Don’t offer me a senior rate or help me to the door —
I don’t wear my pants too high.  I eat dinner after four.

For now I’ll take a dozen trips, and play with kids at Cooks,
Maybe eat at Fuzzy Tacos or splurge at Half Price Books.

So whenever you retire, take a hint from me –
Spend your time giving back…and relax in between.”

I’m sure that Bear was able to guess this recipient.