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Naked and Afraid

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan, in Personal
"Naked and Afraid" is one of our favorite television shows.

Typically, they select a married man, who is a combat veteran/gun instructor/police officer. He always boasts, "Bring it on. I got this."

They also select a a single mother, who is a life coach/vegetarian/yoga instructor. She always confesses, "I''m doing this for my daughter."

Spoiler alert: Put your money on the woman. I know several women like this, and they rock. After three days, the man has exhausted himself, with nothing to show, and he taps out.

Man: This is difficult. I'm a failure as a human being, as a man, and as a provider. Sorry.
Woman: This is the story of my life. The man always quits on me. I'm on my own again. Bye.

By the third week, the woman has skinned a snake, snared a pig, and speared a fish. She spends her days meditating, enjoying her solitude.

(There is a tell. As soon as the man says, "I don't know how long I can do this," then it's already a foregone conclusion that he's leaving.)