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The Mayor of Everywhere

Aug 05, 2022 by Larry Jordan, in Eastern Religions

The Buddha developed a sense of detachment, which eliminated many distinctions.  Similarly, Jesus de-emphasized the physical family, as compared to the spiritual family. Are we to love our family and friends less?  No, we are to love others more.

I spend about 20 hours each week at River Legacy Park, where I run the wooded trail, and I am certainly the only handlebar-mustached, pony-tailed runner in the bunch. 

As one of the park’s most visible and most visually arresting visitors, I appointed myself The Mayor of River Legacy Park, and I assumed some responsibility for its ambience.

The park is a special place to me, where I spend a lot of time alone. It struck me that when we see strangers, we should greet them as if they were friends. In the course of my running, I encounter numerous cyclists and runners and walkers. Many are familiar, but some are not. Most are friendly, but some are not.

So, my small contribution to loving others more and making the park a better place is to see that every cyclist or runner or walker gets a glance and a smile and a wave that says, “All is well in the park today, my friend” from The Mayor of River Legacy Park.

Coming soon:  The Mayor of Bridges Drive…The Mayor of Pebblebrook Village... The Mayor of AARP Taxes... The Mayor of the VA Clinic...