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Faith & Justice Book Group podcast (06/18/2024)

Jun 18, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Recently, I was a guest on three related podcasts hosted by my friend, Brian Allain.

The Way: Meaningful Spirituality for a Modern World

Brian used to run Writing for Your Life, a resource for spiritual writers. He helped me a lot early in my writing, and I acknowledged his contribution in the book. Brian is a great interviewer, and he actually read the book. (Many podcasters don't read the book. No judgment, but the conversation is better if they have.)

Because of his experience in the writing process, he was as interested in the design, editing and marketing of the book as he was in the content of the book. This was a great conversation that will soon be posted on the Faith & Justice Book Club, Find Your Next Calling, and Healing Our Divides. 

I tell some war stories here, including the time that I told a literary agent, "I can sell the sh*t out of this book!!"  No apologies. My boast has proven to be true, and my business background sets me apart from most writers who would rather spend their time reading and writing books, rather than selling them.

My wife, Jill, said that she kept hearing us laughing as we were recording the podcast in the other room, so she assumed that it went realy well.