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Everyone is related, and everything is connected.

Harmonic Atheist podcast (4/9/2024)

Apr 09, 2024 by Larry Jordan, in The Way

Last week, I was a guest on the Harmonic Atheist podcast, hosted by my friend, Tim Mills.

I have just one creed: EVERYONE is related, and EVERYTHING is Connected

Tim is a great interviewer who does his homework. His interviews usually last around two hours, and he is insightful and respectful. 

Sometimes, I say that "Larry Jordan Author" is much more embattled than Larry Jordan. Some atheists think that I am "too Christian" or "too religious" and some Christians think that I am not Christian at all, even that I am "anti-Christian."

As I say in the interview, "atheist" is a dirty word in some circles, and "Christian" is a dirty word in other circles, especially with the rise of Christian Nationalism. I do not like either word. I call myself a deeply spiritual person, a follower of Jesus with a Zen practice who rejects much Christian doctrine.

I use the term "Ultimate Reality" to describe the sense of connection to something larger than ourselves, which could be natural or supernatural.

We had some interesting conversations about whether Ultimate Reality is benevolent and whether mystical or peak experiences are "woo woo." 

I really enjoyed talking with Tim, and I hope that you enjoy listening to the conversation.