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The Desert Sanctuary podcast (10/7/2023)

Mar 03, 2024 by Larry Jordan, in The Way

Last fall, I was a guest on The Desert Sanctuary podcast, hosted by my friends, Karl and Laura Forehand. Karl and Laura are a former pastor and pastor's wife, who authored several books. They are truth-tellers who have been helpful and inspirational to me.

Leaning Forward: You may be Right

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In the next few months, I will be appearing on several book clubs and podcasts, and I will be linking to them here. 

My book is eclectic, my spirituality is unique, and conversations about the book are rich. When we visit our daughter, we talk about this stuff in her hot tub, which we call the "Hot Tub of Truth."

Often, people ask me about my book, we briefly discuss it, and they say, "My gosh, this is the most deep and serious conversation that I have ever had!!"  Welcome to the Hot Tub of Truth!!