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"Think of Everything that You Have Done..."

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan, in Volunteering
My daughter recently said, "Think of everything that you have done since you retired. If you were still working, you would not have done any of that cool stuff." She was so right. When I put the pencil to it, I even amazed myself:

We spent a year living in San Antonio and taking care of our grandson
We spent a month teaching school in Africa
We spent a few weeks working at camps for kids with serious illnesses
We meditated with the Buddhists and whirled with the dervishes
We reconnected with family and friends on cross-country road trips
We responded to fires and staffed shelters for the Red Cross
We saw the Northern Lights and traveled all over the world
In my spare time, I ran over 1,000 miles and read over 1,000 books
I joined Rotary and organized a run for fire, police, and veterans
I joined a Bible study, a book club, and an investing group
I prepared over 1,000 tax returns for low- and moderate- income people
I served on an HOA board, a non-profit board, and a school committee
I spent almost 1,500 hours driving veterans to doctors appointments
I taught English for GED students at the public library
I volunteered at an airport, a children's hospital, and a methadone clinic

There was so much more, but you get the idea. At the same time, I was able to spend more time with friends -- breaking bread, drinking scotch, smoking cigars, taking walks, and traveling. I walked dogs, too, a lot.

We were fortunate that we were able to retire when we did, and I was fortunate that my wife, Jill, was here to share the ride.

Much gratitude. No regrets.