Larry Jordan

Everyone is related, and everything is connected.

Pragmatic Buddhist Book Discussion Group

Mar 20, 2024 by Larry Jordan

On April 7, the Pragmatic Buddhist Book Discussion Group will be discussing "The Way" on a Meetup zoom call.

Leaving Church, Finding Community

Mar 15, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Many people are leaving church because of some speculative doctrines, supernatural beliefs, and unkind practices that they found in church. Where are they finding community after leaving church?

War Machine podcast (3/12/2024)

Mar 13, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Last month, I was a guest on the War Machine podcast, a place for "theological nomads." This is one of my favorite podcasts, hosted by my friend, Matt Baker. 

Christianity: Creeds, Exclusive Claims and Evangelization

Mar 08, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Christianity uniquely emphasizes creeds, exclusive claims and evangelization, compared to many other religions.

The Desert Sanctuary podcast (10/7/2023)

Mar 03, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Last fall, I was a guest on The Desert Sanctuary podcast, hosted by my friends, Karl and Laura Forehand. Karl and Laura are a former pastor and pastor's wife, who authored several books. They are truth-tellers who have been helpful and inspirational to me.  

No Self? No Soul? No Worries.

Mar 01, 2024 by Larry Jordan

In the Eastern worldview, there are some people who believe that self is a construct, and soul is a fiction. These are some of the most challenging and interesting ideas that we will encounter in our journeys. 

Are We Separate From God and From Each Other?

Feb 23, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Many religions, particularly Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, embrace nonduality. Christianity, too, has been interpreted in nondual terms.

All Religion is Cultural. All Theology is Speculation.

Feb 16, 2024 by Larry Jordan

There are many paths to the top of the mountain and many ways of looking at things.

Spiritual Reading List

Feb 12, 2024 by Larry Jordan

This list appears as an appendix, "Suggestions for Further Reading," in my book, The Way: Meaningful Spirituality for a Modern World.

Why I Always Say, "You Might Be Right."

Feb 09, 2024 by Larry Jordan

“You might be right” emerged as an unscripted theme during my first author talk in Crestone, Colorado. This disarming phrase has become one of my catchphrases.

Welcome to "You Might Be Right: An Interspiritual Journey"

Feb 02, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Welcome to “You Might Be Right: An Interspiritual Journey,” my column on Patheos!!  Thanks for joining me on an interspiritual journey and for reading my column. 

How Do You Know?

Jan 15, 2024 by Larry Jordan

We do not "know" as much as we think that we know, so there are a few questions that I ask myself to clarify the difference between believing something and knowing something.

"I'm Not 'out' with My Doubt."

Jan 08, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Since I wrote a book about asking questions, I'm meeting a lot of people who are asking questions. Many of them tell me, "I'm not 'out' with my doubt."

If Not Christian Theism, Then What?

Jan 01, 2024 by Larry Jordan

Sometimes, readers will ask me, "If you don't believe in a Supreme Being who creates the Universe and manages human affairs, then what do you believe?"

Is Christian Theism Dead?

Dec 14, 2023 by Larry Jordan

Jim Palmer, a friend and mentor who wrote the foreword to my book, recently posted a podcast episode called, "Is Christian Theism Dead?" for the Center for Non-Religious Spirituality.

Awe, Gratitude, Reverence, and a Sense of Responsibility

Dec 03, 2023 by Larry Jordan

We believe different things for different reasons. Sometimes, our beliefs are rational or sensible. Sometimes, our beliefs are borne of experience. Sometimes, our beliefs are due to fear or insecurity. Some people believe things because it feels more comfortable to believe them.

The Seventh Principle

Nov 09, 2023 by Larry Jordan

Last month, the local Unitarian Universalist church asked me to speak about the seventh principle, "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part," since the principle so closely matches my one-line creed that "Everyone is related, and everything is connected."

A Minister, a Rabbi, and a Zen Teacher Walk into a Bookstore

Sep 10, 2023 by Larry Jordan

A minister, a rabbi, and a Zen teacher walk into a bookstore. If this is the setup for a corny joke, then the punchline is that they all like the same book.

The Joe Shlabotnik of Spiritual Writing

Sep 06, 2023 by Larry Jordan

Joe Shlabotnik was Charlie Brown's favorite major league baseball player. Joe's unfortunate claim to fame was making spectacular catches of routine fly balls.

Less Than I Expected

Sep 05, 2023 by Larry Jordan

Recently, I posted about the joys of writing. The post was heartfelt and true, and it best reflects my feelings about writing, but it was not the whole story. There are some frustrations of writing, too.