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Religion and Spirituality

Mar 23, 2023 by Larry Jordan
For purposes of this post, "religion" is a specific set of organized beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group, and "spirituality" is more of an individual practice, involving a search for connection, peace, and purpose. (Of course, these definitions are not mutually-exclusive.)


Jan 18, 2023 by Larry Jordan
Religion is cultural, and every culture develops a worldview that contains assumptions about the Universe and the individual. In the Western worldview, the focus is on the individual, so God is personal, individuals are persons, and persons have selves and souls and free will.

"Have You Ever Unlearned Anything?"

Aug 05, 2022 by Larry Jordan
In “the Red Book” by Carl Jung, the author asks Ammonius the Anchorite how he can read the Bible many times for many years, without encountering monotony.

The Three Things that God Told Me

Aug 05, 2022 by Larry Jordan
As far as I know, God only ever told me three things in over sixty years of living:

The Two Percent and the 98 Percent

Aug 05, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Ten years ago, the Catholic bishops led a campaign called the Fortnight for Freedom, a campaign for “religious liberty.”