Larry Jordan

Everyone is related, and everything is connected.

"Enjoy Every Sandwich"

Aug 05, 2022 by Larry Jordan

Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) attained enlightenment through the Noble Eightfold Path, which consists of right understanding, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

Happy 40th Anniversary!!

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Over forty years ago, I married my best friend. It was the best decision that I ever made.

How Many People Believe...?

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
The other day, an elected official told me that 30% of the electorate will vote for a dead guy. Later, a medical doctor told me that 30% of medical professionals will not get a vaccine. Today, the pollsters are reporting that 30% of Americans still support Donald Trump.

Naked and Afraid

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
"Naked and Afraid" is one of our favorite television shows.

When the Leaves Change

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Every year, when the leaves change, I think about a friend who died in the fall.

It's Mathematical; It's Not Philosophical.

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
I used to help local governments when they borrowed money. Sometimes, I had to advise them to raise taxes to pay for it. Someone always said that we should not raise taxes. "Fine," I say, "Which employees will you fire? Which services will you cut?"

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
When President Biden was elected, I reflected on the last four years of banning Muslims, building walls, and separating familes.

Choose Wisely. Justice or Order.

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
In the wake of yet another killing of an innocent Black person by a rogue police officer, a lot of my family and friends are posting that they back the blue.

"Think of Everything that You Have Done..."

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
My daughter recently said, "Think of everything that you have done since you retired. If you were still working, you would not have done any of that cool stuff." She was so right.

Most People Will Do the Right Thing

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
There are a few things that I learned in 30 years of working with companies and governments that help me to stay focused in stressful times.

Social Media Personal Hygiene

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Lately, I have seen a number of friends partially dial back or totally get off of social media. At times, I have been tempted to do the same thing myself, so I started cleaning up my feed.

Social Media Rules of the Road

Aug 04, 2022 by Larry Jordan
These are my "rules of the road" for posting on social media. Please keep me honest, and let me know if I break my own rules.

"A Fuller Spectrum of Reality"

Jul 27, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Ten years ago, I read an article by an attorney who abandoned his conservative views for more liberal views when he glimpsed what he called "a fuller spectrum of reality." My journey was much the same, changing my politics, my spirituality, even my personality.

"I Really Don't Give a Sh*t about Anybody Else"

Jul 27, 2022 by Larry Jordan
I'm haunted by a recent conversation with a close friend, who said, "I care about myself. I care (a little bit) about my family and friends. I really don't give a sh*t about anybody else."

In Memory of Chad Maples

Jul 27, 2022 by Larry Jordan
My dear friend, Chad Maples, age 40, died in a horrible accident in 2020. Chad was a cool brother, a good friend, a loving son, and a wise mentor. 

The Canyon

Jul 21, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Over 5,000,000 tourists visit the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon every year. The canyon is sublime and surreal; it is also familiar and personal.

Take the Trail

Jul 21, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Most people see the world from the most accessible vantage point, but we learned that if we want to find perspective, learn something, and see more, then we should take the trail.

Small Opportunities Surround Us

Jul 21, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Once a week, I don a Stetson and a green blazer and I man an Airport Ambassador booth at Gate D-22 in the international terminal at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The Bobcat Whisperer

Jul 21, 2022 by Larry Jordan
Since I went a few weeks without running, due to poison ivy and a 5,000-mile driving trip, it has taken a few days to resume my pace, and I have been walking more than running. This has not been a bad thing, since it has given me time to visit with people in the park.

Small Things with Great Love

Jul 21, 2022 by Larry Jordan

We received several comments, online and offline, on “The Angel in the Apartment Office.” I think that some people enjoyed reading it for the same reason that I enjoyed writing it — to me, the image was both powerful and subtle, striking in its ordinariness.